E-MTB Tour

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E-MTB Tour

In the middle of the ambience of the UCI Mountainbike WM 2019 in Grächen, we also want to offer something for the E-Mountainbike lovers. On the one hand it serves to inspire people for this sport and on the other hand we offer them a spectacular culinary bike tour in the middle of the Swiss Alps. Two different, guided e-bike routes around Grächen are organised for this purpose. They want to show the participants the Grächen region and parts of the world championship course with a guide.

Idea & target group:

The big trend of the E-movement should also find its place in Grächen. The E-Mountainbike Tour is a guided culinary tour through Grächen. The participants will be guided by tour guides through the forests of Grächen. On half the way you can expect delicious coffee and cake. After all participants have recharged their batteries, they drive back to the village with their tour guide. The routes are designed in such a way that they are good for hobby bikers on the one hand and challenging for professionals on the other. For safety reasons, participation is only possible for people aged 16 and over.

What is the E-MTB Tour?

Participants can choose between the following two tours.

  1. 1. On this route some of the best trails around the village of Grächen will be done by E-Bike. It is a sporty track for experienced riders. The participants ride almost exclusively on mountain hiking trails. They are accompanied by an experienced trail guide. The maximum group size on this route is 6 bikers. The snacks will be taken at the Hohtschuggen.

    E-Bike Big Track GPS

  2. 2. This route is a family trip (people from 16 years) in the beautiful Grächner mountain world. During this tour we mainly drive on gravel roads and forest paths. The participants are accompanied by locals. The riders take the snacks in the Riederstübli.

    E-Bike Small Track GPS


The first tours start at 14:00 and the second at 16:00. The start is always at the Scott tent on the Coop parking lot.